Here are some other avenues for expression available to people experiencing homelessness and other street-involved or low-income people in London.

Grit Uplifted

The Grit Uplifted Creative Writing Group is an open forum for learning, self-expression and the building of trust and community for people that are homeless, at risk of being homeless, or have experienced homelessness.  It is a wonderful space for writers and people are able to have material published online or in a print magazine.

Contact person: Kelly at

The London Shelter Residents Advocacy Group

This is an advocacy group composed of current and former shelter residents who are actively pursuing positive change within the shelter system and society more broadly.

Contact person: Daniel MacKenzie at

The New School of Colour

The New School of Colour is a creative social space.  It is a free art program that is open to all community members, with a special focus on providing opportunities to youth and adults dealing with issues of poverty, mental health and other social barriers.

Contact person: Jeremy Jeresky at

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