How to Submit Art

If you wish to submit art to be displayed and/or sold on the London Street Art Collective site you should bring the piece(s) to Daniel MacKenzie or Jeremy Jeresky.  Daniel is a Community Support Worker with the Community Mental Health Program run by Mission Services and Jeremy is the founder of the New School of Colour that originated at the Ark Aid Street Mission and now runs at multiple sites.

If you want the piece(s) to be displayed, but not sold, Daniel or Jeremy will take pictures of the art and upload those pictures to the website.  We also request that you provide a name and a short artist’s bio (Daniel and Jeremy can assist in creating this if that is requested).

If the art is going to be displayed in order to be sold, we ask that the pieces being sold be left with Daniel or Jeremy who will store the art in a secure location at either Mission Services or the Ark Aid.  Art that is removed from storage at these sites, or that is not stored at these sites, cannot be displayed for sale.

Daniel is available at the Mision Service’s Resource Centre at 459 York St. from 7:30am-3:30pm, Monday-Thursday.  He can be contacted by phone during those hours at 519.672.8500.

Jeremy is available at the Ark Aid at 696 Dundas St.  He can be contacted there by phone at 519.661.0280.

Both Daniel and Jeremy can be contacted at

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