Artist Bios

Listed alphabetically by first name:

Daniel MacKenzie

Self Portrait of Daniel MacKenzie

Self Portrait

Daniel was homeless as a teen and somewhat transient in his early twenties.  He has now settled down and spent the last twelve or so years living, working, and journeying with people who are street-involved, experiencing homelessness, and who are marginalized or oppressed in some capacity by the powers that be.  He currently works for a London-based social service and is the facilitator of the London Shelter Residents Advocacy Group.  He likes to work with MS Paint because it frees him from being an obsessive perfectionist when he makes pictures — instead of getting caught up in details or constantly revising an element of a picture in order to make it just right, it allows him to communicate an idea quickly.

David Mitchell

David Mitchel

David Mitchel

I am 41 years old and have never been to an art class or school until I met somebody who liked one of my first “pieces.”  I use art and music to express my feelings and give a piece of myself to others.  I lived on the streets and was addicted to drugs.  I knew there were others out there like me.  I love art now!

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